February 15

The Future of Talent Workshop

In the fast-changing global context, the enterprises that will prevail tomorrow are those whose employees can learn the fastest. The mediaX Global Innovation Leadership Workshop on THE FUTURE OF TALENT is designed to build innovation leadership skills, articulate challenges and propose solution models that bridge the perspectives of human resource professionals, educators, innovation executives, and technology leaders. This workshop is an intense, English-language, three-day (and evening February 15th-17th) experiential program of skill-building and networking, designed to stimulate and practice foresight, leadership, and user-centered design through presentations by Stanford thought leaders and active engagement of workshop participants. The program will be led by the Stanford Program on Foresight & Innovation, which advances the pursuit of high-value, long-range innovation through the research, development, and transfer of tools that turn blue-sky thinking into results.

During the workshop, participants will work together and engage in hands-on learning, with active coaching. The outcomes will be models for collaboration and knowledge sharing among key constituents in the race for talent as the new gold. Participants will leave the mediaX Leadership Workshop with deep knowledge of current research and best practices, as well as a nuanced understanding of the emerging opportunities to collaborate in creating new resources for talent acquisition, development and retention. Participants will also leave with a hands-on toolbox filled with creative, user-centered critical thinking skills and techniques. We promise our participants a glimpse into the future, enhanced self-awareness of leadership strengths, and opportunities for growth and a network of experienced colleagues.

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