Smart Workspaces 3.0

The mediaX net-Working Seminars on “Smart Workspaces 3.0” are designed to articulate upcoming workspace challenges by bridging the perspectives of innovation executives, thought leaders, storytellers and change makers.

Yesterday’s office was built for an age in which organizations were hierarchical, product life cycles were long, and the speed of change was slow.

Today, the relationship between people, production, and productivity is in flux, transforming information flow, the nature of work and the environments in which work takes place. We are in the midst of major transformations in the nature of work and culture of productivity.

The shifting parameters of productivity, geographically-separated collaboration, and work environments challenge both large and small organizations on a daily basis. By 2020, expectations about when, where, and how we work will have changed.

The net-Working Seminar incorporates two Sessions, each lasting two to three days, with a six-week practice and reflection period in between.

Session 1 – July 6, 7, 8
Session 2 – August 17 & 18

At the conclusion of the Net-Working Seminars participants will leave the net-Working Seminar with deep knowledge of current research, nuanced understanding of the emerging opportunities surrounding smart workplaces, and a hands-on toolbox filled with creative, user-centered critical thinking skills and techniques.

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