November 11

Q&A with Osmo Founders

Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, Osmo

Osmo, an educational gaming company, is using its proprietary reflective artificial intelligence, to fuse physical play with digital engagement. It allows any object – tiles, pen & paper, blocks, toys, you name it, to interact with the iPad. This hands-on play promotes creativity, problem solving and social interaction. Osmo is using the screen to create a new healthy, hands-on learning experience. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Learn more about Osmo at

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Pramod Sharma

Pramod Sharma is CEO and Co-founder at Osmo. Engineer turned CEO, Pramod Sharma is a big dreamer, chief talker and always challenging the status quo. After graduating from Stanford, he spent 8 years at Google architecting book scanning machines and held senior management roles in Search, Gmail & Distributed Computing.

Jerome Scholler

Jerome Scholler is CTO and Co-founder of Osmo. He is a rare mix of engineering rigour, design creativity and passion for users, Jerome Scholler is the magic maker behind Osmo. He is a seasoned engineer from the game industry (Lucasarts and Ubisoft) and the man behind the intuitive user interface of Chrome for Android at Google.