October 21

Old Desires, New Media: The Causes and Consequences of Using Social Media

Diana Tamir, Princeton University

Humans are social animals. We live, work, and play side-by-side with other people, constantly communicating, interacting, and connecting. These social motives are rooted in the brainÂ’s reward system. Social media offer simple solutions to our complex social needs. However, media use may diminish our engagement with and memory of an experience. By capitalizing on our fundamental desire to connect, media may ironically impair our ability to do so.

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Diana Tamir

Diana Tamir is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Princeton University. She uses functional neuroimaging, behavioral techniques, and machine learning to study the cognitive and neural basis of self-referential thought and social behaviors. She received her Sc.B in cognitive neuroscience from Brown University, her Ph.D. in Psychology from Harvard University, and her postdoctoral training at Stanford University.