November 13

New Quantified Self Practices

The spread of small, inexpensive sensors, mobile computing, low-energy wireless, and cloud-based data analytics enables us to collect detailed data both about quotidian human experience. These data sources are typically understood as managerial, commercial, or scientific assets, useful for control, marketing, and research. But other uses for this data are being found by individuals and small groups acting on their own behalf, using them for self-examination and self knowledge.

mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Gary Wolf describes some new quantified self practices emerging today, and explores the relationship between these practices and more conventional medical, civic, and administrative knowledge.

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Gary Wolf

Gary Wolf is a writer and contributing editor at America's Wired magazine. Among his other Wired stories, Wolf is the author of "The Curse of Xanadu," about Ted Nelson and Project Xanadu, and "The World According to Woz," about Steve Wozniak. In 2007, with Kevin Kelly, Wolf co-founded the Quantified Self, a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self-knowledge through self-tracking. In 2010, he spoke about the movement at TED. Wolf lives in Berkeley, California.