WILL BE RESCHEDULED! #mediaX2020 Conference: Creating Human Relevance in AI

#mediaX2020 Conference
Creating Human Relevance in AI
MacKenzie Room, Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center
Registration Opening Soon

In accordance with the new Stanford University policy aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the #mediaX2020 Conference: “Creating Human Relevance in AI” will be rescheduled for a later date. We hope to announce the new date in the near future.

Since Leonardo DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” advances in human augmentation have sought to increase capacity, plasticity and efficiency in body, brain and mind. Stanford scientists study cognition, behavior, learning, linguistics, computation, and philosophy to identify models for augmenting both human intelligence and computational intelligence. At the intersection, current developments provide new models for enhancing and empowering the human experience.

People are awash in sensory signals – weak, strong, digital, analog. At a personal level, conscious and unconscious filters defend against overload and select the most relevant inputs that influence thought and guide behavior. Pathways for thought and action are created to capture associations of relevance through identities and culture, in the context of material, institutional and organizational structures. Relevance is crucial to the permeability of those filters and the ability to attract attention and retain engagement.

Join us on May 5th as Stanford Thought Leaders and mediaX member organizations explore new insights that can inspire bridges of relevance between the individual and the algorithm. Our goal is to inspire ways to empower human potential in education, commerce, entertainment, and wellness.