February 2

Math in an ACORN

Constrained optimization algorithms are used in nonlinear programming for inverse design of systems and mining of data as well as for machine learning. Today, as systems to be designed are getting more and more complex and data sets to be mined are getting larger and larger, the use of existing nonlinear programs to find the optimal solution becomes more difficult or even impossible.

Over the past decade, Dr. Lee has been working on nonlinear programs that can overcome this limitation–this work has led to the recent development of ACORN. In this talk, he will describe what ACORN is and how it can be used to find the global minimum solution(s) for large and complex optimization problems.

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Martin Lee

Martin Lee is a leading physicist in particle accelerator design. With 48 years devotion to his career at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), he is also grand master of Tai Chi, a martial art form that he has practiced since 1968. Dr. Lee has the vision to use modern science and technologies to make the learning of “tone Chi” easy to understand and to practice. He believes that the wise and innovative application of technologies can help average persons in mastering this ancient Chinese art of “tone chi”.