November 5

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart meters and related sensing technologies promise that energy information will change energy use. However, information complexity, poorly designed interfaces, and lack of engagement jeopardize billion dollar infrastructure investments because sensors, signals and sense-making are not designed to modify behavior and because context is ignored.

This exciting two day event (November 5-6) workshop will bring together global industry experts and leaders to discuss and explore technologies, standards, opportunities, applications, and business models that enable the development and growth of IoT.

Information and resources flow through human relationships when context and values are shared. Studies about wearables, crowd-sourced intelligence, personalized feedback systems, distributed intelligence, and automated decision systems have provided new insights about how people use information technologies. They’ve provided inspiration that has been used to design the technologies, user experiences, and adoption trajectories. Looking ahead, human sciences, cultural factors and economic conditions spotlight key considerations in the roadmaps that will include sensor technology, data transmission technology, data processing technology.

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