November 4

Expert Crowdsourcing with Flash Teams and Organizations

Daniela Retelny, Stanford University

Online crowdsourcing marketplaces provide access to millions of individuals with a range of expertise and experiences. To date, however, most research has focused on microtask platforms, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk. While microtask platforms have enabled non-expert workers to complete goals like text shortening and image labeling, highly complex and interdependent goals, such as web development and design, remain out of reach. Goals of this nature require deep knowledge of the subject matter and cannot be decomposed into independent microtasks for anyone to complete.

In this talk, I will present my dissertation research, which shifts away from paid microtask work and introduces diverse expert crowds as a core component of crowdsourcing systems. Specifically, I introduce and evaluate two generalizable approaches for crowdsourcing complex work with experts. The first approach, flash teams, is a framework for dynamically assembling and computationally managing crowdsourced expert teams. The second approach, flash organizations, is a framework for creating rapidly assembled and reconfigurable organizations composed of large groups of expert crowd workers. Both of these approaches for interdependent expert crowd work are manifested in Foundry, which is a computational platform we have built for authoring and managing teams of expert crowd workers.

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Daniela Retelny

Daniela Retelny is a PhD Candidate at Stanford University in the Department of Management Science and Engineering. She is advised by Michael Bernstein and Melissa Valentine and is a member of the Center for Work, Technology and Organization and the Stanford HCI Group. Daniela's research focuses on the design and appropriation of coordination approaches and collaboration technologies for interdependent expert crowd work and globally distributed teams and organizations. Daniela holds a B.S. with honors in Information Science from Cornell University. In the past, Daniela has interned at Facebook, IBM and SONY BMG and has worked as a Product Manager at Wellcoin, a health and wellness startup.