September 15

Digital Identity in the New Landscape of Work

Information technologies record the minute traces of human behavior and intricate details in the flow of information. Human sciences help us understand how digital media might enable and constrain identity and social relations – at work, at home and in leisure. Together, insights from research in human sciences and information technologies open new horizons for personalized products and services in the new landscape of work.

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Martha Russell

Martha Russell is Executive Director of mediaX at Stanford University and Senior Research Scholar with the Human Sciences Technology Advanced Research Institute at Stanford. She leads business alliances and interdisciplinary research for mediaX at Stanford University. With people and technology as the intersecting vectors. With a focus on the power of shared vision, Russell has developed planning/evaluation systems and consulted regionally and internationally on technology innovation for regional development.

Jeff Hancock

Jeff Hancock, "Social Infrastructures in Transparent Communication". Jeff Hancock is a Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University. Professor Hancock and his group work on understanding psychological and interpersonal processes in social media. The team specializes in using computational linguistics and experiments to understand how the words we use can reveal psychological and social dynamics, such as deception and trust, emotional dynamics, intimacy and relationships, and social support.

Byron Reeves

Byron Reeves, "Personal Informatics for Networked Performance". Byron Reeves is The Paul C. Edwards Professor of Communication at Stanford University. He teaches courses in mass communication theory and research, with particular emphasis on psychological processing of interactive media. His research includes message processing, social cognition, and social and emotion responses to media, His research has been the basis for a number of new media products for companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard, in the areas of voice interfaces, automated dialogue systems and conversational agents.

Kimi Iwamura

Kimi Iwamura "Moderator: Insights on Working with Stanford University". Kimi Iwamura is a leading Silicon Valley business and technology innovator with expertise in evaluating new technology, identifying promising early stage companies, and promoting US-Japanese joint ventures. As a corporate venture capital manager, he has served as an investor and mentor for numerous companies in their early stage to later stage. He has managed a corporate venture fund and conventional venture funds. Most recently, he has been engaging in the forging of Nissan’s Silicon Valley research center since 2011.

Harlan Kennedy

Harlan Kennedy "Moderator: Understanding User Experiences". Harlan Kennedy is the Founder and Director of Strategy with Orange at Venables Bell and Partners. Over the course of his career Harlan has worked closely with Audi, Phillips 66, Barclays, March of Dimes, mediaX and other clients on new product innovation, spending countless hours uncovering what consumers might want next from their gum, games, and beverages and translating those insights into new products and services.

Lisa Watanabe

Lisa Watanabe is in the Business Development Group with Tokyo Gas in Japan. She's working on finding new business (not energy business) for her company. I her previous position, Lisa was responsible for the new gas appliances marketing and promotion in the department. She has also held duties with the Procurement Team, and Residential Sales Department at Tokyo Gas. Lisa is a former Visiting Scholar to mediaX. In 2012 she was awarded the “Good Design Award” for a product that she planned at work. She earned her Masters from the Graduate School Keio University Science and Technology, Tokyo Japan (2008).

Takao Shudo

Takao Shudo is Senior Manager, Business Promotion Division, Business Development Headquarters, Konica Minolta, Inc. His background is in Mechanical Engineering, and the development of image related applications, printer drivers and desktop document management tools. For the past 6 years, his focus has been on knowledge worker productivity related solutions, including testing and applications of collaboration tools (such as interactive whiteboards). He joined MINOLTA CAMERA Co.,Ltd. in 1991.

Momo Taniwaki

Momo Taniwaki is a Designer at the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) in Japan and former Visiting Scholar to the H-STAR Institute at Stanford University. Her “design" work includes scenic design for studio sets, graphic design, costume design, web design...etc. Today, the number of web-related projects is growing in NHK and Momo is also working as a web consultant and UX designer for these new projects and opportunities at NHK.

Hiroshi Tomita

Hiroshi Tomita has over 20-year experience in software development for office automation, and the development of image processing technology for color and B&W Multi-Function Product. Up until August 31st, 2016 Mr. Tomita was responsible for all R&D activities in the US for Konica Minolta, overseeing core technology development and research collaborations with US companies, universities, and research institutes in the areas of IT, environmental energy, and healthcare. Konica Minolta Laboratory USA (KMLUS) has been an active member of mediaX since 2006. Mr. Tomita is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar with mediaX.

Kenji Suzuki

Kenji Suzuki is a Senior Manaing Officer and Director at AISIN AW. AISIN AW CO., LTD. manufactures and markets automatic transmissions, car navigation systems, and hybrid transmission products for the automotive industry in Japan and internationally.