January 12


ACORN Magic: How Linear Algebra Solves Optimization Problems and Why Do It?
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Dr. Martin Lee mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar
4:30pm, Y2E2 Room 101

A simple algorithm for solving a set of nonlinear equations by using matrix algebra has been discovered recently—first by transforming them into an equivalent matrix equation and then finding the solutions analytically in terms of the elements of the inverse matrix of this equation. With this newly developed ACORN (an adaptive constrained optimal robust nonlinear) algorithm, it is possible to minimize an objective function without computing its derivatives. The convergence of this nonlinear analytic iterative formula requires the proper values of two control parameters (independent of the problem size). This seminar will describe how ACORN works and how it can be used to solve large-scale optimization problems with an innovative approach Acorn Magic (minimization algorithms gathered in a cloud).

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Martin Lee

Martin Lee is a leading physicist in particle accelerator design. With 48 years devotion to his career at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), he is also grand master of Tai Chi, a martial art form that he has practiced since 1968. Dr. Lee has successfully bridged science and the ancient art of Tai Chi. He has taught Tai Chi in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years and co-authored a book titled “Riding the Tiger to the Mountain: Tai Chi for Health”. Dr. Lee has the vision to use modern science and technologies to make the learning of “tone Chi” easy to understand and to practice. He believes that the wise and innovative application of technologies can help average persons in mastering this ancient Chinese art of “tone chi”.