February 1

2016 Global Innovation Leadership Workshop

“I learned new ways to change my perspective of thinking and how important the user centered innovation approach is.” – 2015 Executive Participant

The mediaX Global Innovation Leadership Program at Stanford University is a program that provides a boost for mid-career executives who aspire to lead break-through innovation in their organizations. In this program mediaX brings together thought leadership from Stanford researchers and inspired innovators from our member community. Guided by THNK facilitators, workshop participants address a “wicked” societal challenge with teamwork and innovation leadership skills.

Participants will leave this four day program (February 1st-4th) with a deep and broad understanding of the content and a hands-on toolbox filled with design thinking, critical thinking and systems thinking skills that they can apply at work or with other complex problems. Participants will also take home a deeper self-awareness of leadership strengths, weaknesses and growth areas, as well as a network of experienced colleagues.

“I learned that even with big projects that involve a lot of creativity and high stakes – structure and fun equals success.” – 2014 Executive Participant

The program is specifically designed for the busy executive, and for this reason we have included 60 minute lunch breaks every day in combination with at least one free evening during the 4 day program to enable participants the ability to maintain continuity with their offices. Registration is required.

The cost of this program is $7,985 per individual participant. Taking the insights and skills back to your workplace is easier with more than one person, so you can bring a colleague for a 50% discount; in other words, one full fee paying participant can bring one additional participant from their organization at half cost. This fee includes all on-site expenses (materials, food and beverages), but excludes travel to/from Stanford and accommodations. To take advantage of this discounted rate, bring additional members of your organization or for any additional questions, please email Addy Dawes.

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Robert Laughlin

Robert Laughlin is a theorist with interests ranging from hard-core engineering to cosmology. Laughlin’s emphasis on transparency of authorship and permanency of record were at the core of a recent mediaX project aimed at improving the Long Term Integrity of Decision Products. For his large classes on Introduction to Nuclear Energy, Laughlin created a digital interface that enforces the right amount of transparency, together with a small amount of human intervention, to remove policing and encourage creativity and intellectual cooperation among students.

He is an expert in semiconductors (Nobel Prize 1998), has also worked on plasma and nuclear physics issues related to fusion and nuclear-pumped X-ray lasers, and is currently focused on “correlated-electron” phenomenology – working backward from experimental properties of materials to infer the presence (or not) of new kinds of quantum self-organization. He recently proposed that all Mott insulators – including the notorious doped ones that exhibit high-temperature superconductivity – are plagued by a new kind of subsidiary order called “orbital antiferromagnetism” that is difficult to detect directly. He is also the author of A Different Universe, a lay-accessible book explaining emergent law.