16th Interaction Design and Children Conference

The mission of the IDC conference is to bring together researchers, designers, and educators from the cognitive sciences, human-computer interaction, learning sciences, and the various formal and informal educational settings, to explore new forms of technology, design and engaged learning among children. The annual conference incorporates papers, presentations, speakers, workshops, participatory design experiences and discussions on how to create better interactive experiences for children. IDC 2017 offers a wide ranging program, supporting and facilitating the exchange of ideas within and between all of these communities. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Logo: The Next 50 Years’.

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IDC 2017 welcomes submissions in the form of full papers, short papers (notes), demonstrations, workshops, courses, work in progress / late breaking and interactive child experiences. There is also a call for participants to submit to the doctoral consortium and for later submission to our Research and Design Competition. Submissions to all tracks (except the research and design competition for which a separate call will be announced) are invited on the following topics:

*Innovative interactive technologies for children
*Theoretically motivated arguments regarding interaction design and children
*Empirical studies concerned with the interaction of children and technology
*Methods and techniques supporting interaction design and children
*Studies of the effects of technology on children’s lives and development
*Reflective analyses on the field of child computer interaction and interaction design
*Constructive design research for and with children
*Studies discussing the involvement of children in the design process
*Future vision articles, discussing trends and directions for the field

Paulo Blikstein (Stanford University) and Dor Abrahamson (UC Berkeley), Conference Chairs