Kimi Iwamura

Kimi Iwamura is a leading Silicon Valley business and technology innovator with expertise in evaluating new technology, identifying promising early stage companies, and promoting US-Japanese joint ventures. As a corporate venture capital manager, he has served as an investor and mentor for numerous companies in their early stage to later stage.

In over 20 years based in Silicon Valley, Kimi has been President and CEO of two Japanese subsidiaries, founded a research center (FXPAL), and conducted technology transfer practice by leveraging his extensive networks in the US and Japan, which include communities among research universities as Stanford and UC Berkeley, federally-funded laboratories, and venture capital firms.

He has managed a corporate venture fund and conventional venture funds. Cross-border projects he has led include a partnership between Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Omron Corporation of Japan that has generated significant amount of revenue. Most recently, he has been engaging in the forging of Nissan’s Silicon Valley research center since 2011.