The Utility of Calming Technologies in Integrative Productivity

The Utility of Calming Technologies in Integrative Productivity
Co-led by Roy Pea and Neema Moraveji, Graduate School of Education

What if we could use technologies for sensing, feedback and interpretation of cognition, affect and physiology to avoid stress, maintain focus and increase calm?

This research initiative devised and evaluated ways to technologically augment human self-regulation to help knowledge workers maintain an optimal psychophysiological state for "sustainable productivity." The research team developed and used a breathing sensor and collected longitudinal respiration data, and qualitative data. The team also gathered user feedback on annotation, comprehension, and reflection of respiration patterns in work rhythms and productivity waves. These insights were used in support of a longitudinal study on stress by UCSF.

Neema Moraveji, Roy Pea, Joel Aguero, Jakob Eg Larsen and Jeffrey Heer

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