Smarter Scholarly Texts

Smarter Scholarly Texts For Cross-Platform Publishing, Text-Mining, And Indexing
Led by John Willinsky, Khosla Family Professor, Graduate School of Education

What if we could streamline academic article production for both authors and publishers through the use of extensible markup language in an assisted automated system?

This project focused on exploring the requirements for the use of XML (extensible markup language) for digital transformation of text-intense scholarly work.

A Stanford team, in conjunction with collaborators at Simon Fraser University, the University of Heidelberg, the University of Manchester, and the University of Chicago, prototyped a functional application to reduce the time spent on manual editing: A multi-purpose indexing with an assisted automated system for document markup for multiple devices (including print-on-demand). The functionality includes reference checking, a parsing engine, and copy-editing.

John Willinsky, Alex Garnett and Juan Pablo Alperin

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