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What if learning about human anatomy and biology in today’s digital world was enriched by the ability to view and interact with 3D volumetric CT scans?

We proposed to make Stanford 3D high resolution anatomical CT scans available to middle and high school students using computers or digital tablets through a web-based system and evaluate students’ perception of the scans and the delivery system.

Students and teachers indicated that they enjoyed the interactivity and the appearance of the 3D models, yet felt the system’s response time and user-friendliness were lacking. Despite providing video content demonstrating the various features of the system prior to student use, this method of instruction via third party videos did not meet the needs of the students. A user friendly labeling function is needed for the pedagogical methods used to teach anatomy in secondary schools.

mediaX Research Update, Fall 2013

mediaX Research Update, Spring 2013

Sakti Srivastava is an Associate Professor (Teaching), Surgery - Anatomy. His core interest is in combining computer technology and medicine for innovative applications. He has developed solutions for computer-aided instruction aimed at medical and allied health professionals including stereoscopic imagery, advanced 3D graphics, haptics, and simulations.

Alan Detton is Vice President of Anatomical Education at 3D4Medical and also head of anatomy at 3D4Medical. Previously he was an assistant professor and anatomy lecturer at Stanford University. Detton is a part of the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, Learning Skills Counselor at The University of California at San Diego.

W. Paul Brown is a Consulting Associate Professor, Surgery - Anatomy at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He has been the Principal Investigator on 11 NIH grants involved with medical imaging, virtual reality and medical/dental surgical simulations and the development of curriculum authoring platforms.

Patricia Youngblood is a Consulting Associate Professor, Surgery - Anatomy at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She has her PhD fron the University of North Carolina in Education, her MEd from the Univeristy of North Carolina in Educational Media & Instr Des and her MA from Columbia University Teachers College, in Educational Psychology.

Matt Hasel is Co-Founder and CEO of Matt is a 25 year software and production veteran. For the past 5 years, Matt has been working at the Stanford School of Medicine as Production Manager. While at Stanford, he designed, developed and deployed customized learning apps for medical students, professors and residents.

Robert Chang, Research and Development Engineer in the Division of Clinical Anatomy

Matthew Stephens, Research Assistant in the Division of Clinical Anatomy

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