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The Stanford Digital Learning Forum Seminar Series
A forum for presenting and discussing social, behavioral, and computational science research at Stanford that has relevance to blended, online and technology-mediated learning. The goal of the seminar series is to bring together a diverse audience which includes faculty and students from across schools, SDLF members, and other companies. Co-chairs: Susanna Loeb and Tom Dee. Presenters for this series are; Candace Thille, Jeremy Bailenson, Geoffery Cohen, Susanna Loeb, Caroline Hoxby and Bror Saxberg.

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Stanford Digital Learning Forum Conference
A combination of faculty and graduate student presentations which provide an opportunity for member companies to learn about leading edge research and innovations at Stanford.

Todd Logan, John Mitchell & Deborah Stipek, Welcome
Tina Seelig, Online Creativity Course
Jeremy Bailenson, Intro to Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Candace Thille, Intro to Open Learning Initiative
Andy Saltarelli, Overview of Innovations in Online Courses
Thomas Dee, Understanding Persistence in MOOCs
Larry Lagerstrom & Petr Johanes, Engineering Education and Online Learning
Michael Bernstein, The Power of Peers in Online Education
Trevor Hastie, Introduction to Statistical Learning MOOC