Mar 13

Innovation Ecosystems at the Intersection of People and Information Technology

March 13, 2014

Event Description:

The global interest in understanding innovation ecosystems has ignited, demanding that corporate innovation executives change their strategies from outsourcing to network orchestration. Policy analysts and researchers have refocused their initiatives on international relationships that link strengths across clusters rather than on regional supply chains.

Interdisciplinary faculty and staff for the Innovation Ecosystems Workshop Program are drawn from Stanford’s Engineering Management Sciences program, the Center for Design Research, and the Human Sciences Technology Advanced Research, along with key industrial associates.

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Martha Russell, Executive Director, mediaX at Stanford University
Chuck House, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Renate Fruchter, Founding Director, Project Based Learning Laboratory
Jeremy Bailenson, Associate Professor of Communication and Founding Director Virtual Human Interaction Laboratory
Greg Kress, Founder, Radicand
Paul Saffo, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar