May 29

Games & Learning Conference

May 29, 2014

Event Description:

New generative platforms, the shift from static print to interactive digital content, and increasing accessibility are changing the roles of teacher/learner and creator/consumer. Media technologies are empowering organizations and individuals to create personalized and interactive content that is BOTH educational and fun. This is transforming media creation and consumption experiences as well as pedagogical techniques.

Explore frontiers in the art and science of games, why storytelling matters, the impact of multitasking, and measuring learning outcomes of video games.

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Nancy Conrad, The Conrad Foundation
Rhiju Das, Stanford Biochemistry
Noah Falstein, Google Games
Karin Forssell, Stanford Graduate School of Education
Jukka Huhtamäki, Tampere University of Technology
Jeremy Jimenez, Graduate School of Education
Nik Martelaro, Stanford Mechanical Engineering
Laura Moorhead, Graduate School of Education
Byron Reeves, Stanford Communication
Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, Stanford Bioengineering
Beth Rogozinski, Transmedia SF
Neil Rubens, University of Electro-Communication
Martha Russell, mediaX
Daniel Schwartz, Stanford Graduate School of Education
Kaisa Still, VTT